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Frequently Asked Questions


How are eBooks different from library-bound and paperback books?
eBook (electronic book) content is the same vibrant, beautiful, and rich content that you're assured of with printed books. Ebooks have glossaries, tables of contents, indexes, resource sections, and other features of print books. However, in eBook format, this content is searchable and customizable—allowing readers to jump to searched, bookmarked, highlighted, and noted sections—and letting them print and save sections of each eBook.

Plus your users can access your eBooks anywhere, anytime through epointbooks hosting solution.

How are eBooks delivered?
Your eBooks are hosted on the epointbooks servers and can be accessed via your library Web site or your catalog using MARC records. Thousands of eBooks are available
, organized by subject and/or publisher-specific collections.

How do users view eBooks?
Users can load an eBook using any Web browser, activating both host-based features and standard Adobe Reader features. (Download Adobe Reader here.)

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Where can I use my eBooks?
You can access and use eBooks on eBook readers, laptop and desktop computers, and mobile devices with appropriate software. Your eBooks are available anywhere, anytime.

What is epointbooks?
Epointbooks is an online eBook hosted solution that gives you access to your digital collection 24/7. It organizes all of your eBooks and makes them easily accessible to your users.

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How do my users access eBooks in our collection?
Computers on your network can be IP authenticated to take users directly to your digital collection without requiring them to log in. Or, you can permit access to the collection with a username and password, or with a referring URL.

Epointbooks can also give your users access to your eBooks through MARC records in your library's OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog).

How does epointbooks support individual user needs?
Any of your users can create a "subaccount" (which is much like a personal account). With this subaccount, users can save notes and bookmarks in any eBook, along with previous search results. They can return to their notes, bookmarks, and searches anytime they log into the subaccount.

Plus, epointbooks' support system makes it easy for you; it manages usernames and passwords, including subaccounts, so you don't have to.

If you're having trouble accessing your account, please contact Customer Service.


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